Ear Candling


An Old Home Remedy

Ear Candling is a powerful and ancient healing modality, passed down for many generations by the Egyptian, Oriental and European cultures. With absolutely no discomfort, a hollow candle, specially made for candling, is placed in the ear. The other end is lit and the wick’s low flame creates a slow vacuum that pulls out excess wax, fungus, bacteria, yeast and other debris from the ear and into the candle.

Ear Candling Remedy has been known to achieve the following benefits:

  • Relief from ear aches, chronic headaches, allergies and vertigo
  • Sharpens mental functioning, hearing, smell and taste
  • Detoxifies sinus, lymph and other systems
  • Opens the spiritual centers

I am Certified in Ear Candling.

Here’s what one of my clients has said about Ear Candling:

I have known Karen for six years as professional Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer whose advice and skills I respect. I had some medical issues that left me with dizziness and vertigo. I respected Karen’s opinion on Ear Candling, and gave it a try. The session was comfortable and soothing. In four to five hours time my symptoms had completely gone away and have stayed away as well. I would completely recommend Karen for Ear Candling and I hope it works for you!

Chad K ~ Owner, Results Fitness, Redondo Beach, CA
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