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Sage is an amazing tool to use to eliminate negative energies from your space that cause stress, depression and anxiety.   For centuries, Native Americans have used sage for its sacred healing and anti-bacterial properties.   They prepared the leaves in various manners using it as a cure for cold.   It is also known that when White Sage was burned, the smoke being used to purify people, places & objects.   When dried and burned, sage releases a purifying smoke that is gentle on the senses and absorbs toxins internally and externally.


White Sage is unique among all the sages in the world.   Its broad leaves grow in beautiful flower-like clusters that sit atop a silvery stalk.   Its scent is unmistakable with a strong, pleasant aroma.   Today, the strong scent of White Sage is prized for use in smudging, and when burned, is believed to purify people, places, and objects.


All of my white sage is wild crafted from plants growing in the wild.   Because each bundle is hand-crafted, there will always be variation.   Smudging with sage is an excellent way to freshen up a space after you’ve just moved in, to get a better night’s sleep or to eliminate the lingering energies of an ex-partner or any negative energies that have been left behind.



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How to Smudge Your Space:


Step 1:    Place a candle, a fireproof container and the smudge stick on a table, desk or any other appropriate surface.   It is best if you create a sense of ceremony when you smudge your house, as well as find time when you will not be disturbed; 10-15 min should be enough.


Step 2:    Light the candle and say a prayer or just focus your energy.   Light the tip of your smudge stick with the candle light or you can use a flame from a lighter, then gently wave the stick in the air till the tip begins to smolder.


Step 3:    Hold the smudge stick over the fireproof container at all times in order to avoid any lit herbs falling on the floor.   You can use a feather, if you have one, but usually just gently waving your hands to disperse the smoke is enough.   Remind yourself to stay connected to your breathing & intent throughout your smudging session.


Step 4:    Go clockwise around your house (usually starting at the front door), and gently wave the smoke into the air.   Spend a bit more time smudging the room corners, as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy.   Be sure to also open the closet doors and carefully smudge inside. Do not forget about spaces such as the laundry room, the garage or the basement.


Step 5:    When you have smudged all areas of your house, come back to where you started and gently extinguish your smudge stick (dipping it into sand while applying a bit of pressure usually works well).   Wait a bit, then pack your smudge stick, as well as the container, till your next smudging session.   You can leave the candle, if you so desire, to continue to purify the energy.

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