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Fitness from the inside out

My series, “Fitness From the Inside Out,” is designed to introduce viewers to alternative health professionals, fitness techniques, and healthy delicious recipes.

Program #1: Mind/Body

Guest: Priscilla Keresey, Certified Hypnotist
Join us as Priscilla discusses how self-hypnosis can help move you effortlessly towards your weight loss and fitness goals. I’ll show Priscilla a workout she can do at home that is safe for her back and targets her triceps. Later on in the show we’ll make a quick, delicious vegetarian snack that is packed with protein and flavor. You can reach Priscilla through her website:

Segment 1: Mind/Body – Interview: Self Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Segment 2: Mind/Body – Tips on Sculpting Your Triceps & Lower Body at Home

Segment 3: Mind/Body – Recipe: Complete Protein Meal For Vegetarians

Program #2: Fit & Fabulous

Guest: Jim Herde, Fitness Enthusiast
At 57 years old and headed for a corporate heart attack, Jim tells the story of how diet and exercise changed his entire life and turned his health around (read his testimonial on my Midlife Rejuvenation page). On this program I’ll show Jim how to strengthen his shoulders so that he will not re-injure himself, and then we’ll make a protein shake that’s rich in anti-oxidents and cleansing for your body. Later on I’ll introduce a special guest who shows us that anyone can be “fit and fabulous at any age!”

Segment 1: Fit & Fabulous Over 50 – Life Changing Diet & Exercise

Segment 2: Fit & Fabulous – Exercise To Strengthen Shoulders & Anti-Oxidant Protein Shake

Segment 3: Fit & Fabulous At Any Age

Program #3: Yoga

Guest: Tommy Cole, Fitness Enthusiast
Join us as Tommy discusses how yoga has affected his overall health, stress level, and life. Tommy and I make a light, yummy, healthy organic salad together in the second part of the show, and later on I’ll instruct a basic yoga class that will help you feel relaxed and energized at the same time. You can contact Tommy Cole through Facebook for more information on his yoga experience.

Segment 1: Interview with Tommy Cole: Reduce Stress & Back Pain With Yoga

Segment 2: Karen’s Recipe For A Light, Organic Salad

Segment 3: Back Safe Yoga Class For All Levels

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