Yoga Video Classes

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Female Yoga master sitting legs crossed stretching left arm in the air.

YOGA by KAREN Beginner

45 minutes of Simple Yoga. Consisting of a slow flow, warrior series, and stretch. If your new to Yoga or just need a break, you can do this!

yoga instructor with hands on the mat, with one leg on the mat and the other stretching over her head.

COVID19 ~ Anything Goes Yoga

$5 for a 1 hour class with Karen. Increase your strength, open your heart center and lungs, with this advanced yoga series to keep yourself healthy and energized during this time of quarantine.


Cardio Flow

$5 for a 1 hour class with Karen starting with a free flowing movement of sunflowers and reverse lunges.

Fitness Training

Cardio ~ Strength ~ Relax

$8 for 3 Classes. Find your focus, strength & peace of mind with these 3 classes that will refresh and rejuvenate your energy.

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